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Auditing Services

Mandarin Corporate Consulting Private Limited provides you comprehensive Auditing Service. We conduct Internal Audits with special emphasis on identifying system weaknesses, thereby assisting the Management in strengthening the systems.We keep in mind the Risk Management framework, adopt Risk Based Approach towards Audits, and use efficient Tools and Techniques that accomplish the audit objectives.

We improve the quality and effectiveness of the internal processes of an organization in a number of ways, by advising on the development of internal audit and risk management methodologies.

Our Audit Services includes

  • Critical evaluation of internal controls
  • Constructive review of operations
  • Identification and suggestion of areas for Cost Reduction, Operational Efficiency, Cost and Revenue Optimization
  • Confirmation of Compliance with various Regulatory & Statutory Provisions
  • Human Resource Consulting Services
  • Assist Organizations in the implementation of Corporate Governance